Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I know, in the grand scheme of things, that things are not that important. But, in the small day to day scheme of things I find them inspiring, and like to have lots of them all around. I love so many types of things that there are lots of collections around the place, some small, (but growing-once there are two of something then that is the germ of a collection), and some huge, (dolls). These are all recent acquisitions to the museum of Sarah, and fit into one or more collections. Even better is that most of them were very little money, and one of them was an absolute bargain!
 This is the bargain. It is from the boot fair last Saturday. It was on the top of one of those piles of clothes on the floor that I don't often bother with unless some exciting fabric is apparent. I asked how much it was-50p! I gave the woman £1 as I couldn't believe something so beautiful was so cheap. It is a lined cloth bag, and must have taken hours to make. I wonder how it ended up in the boot fair. I am glad I was there to rescue it and give it a good home! Collections-embroidered bags, embroidery, patchwork.
 These two lovely ladies were also at the boot fair. I think they were £2. They are only about 2" tall. I love them! They have fabric skirts that have seen better days but I think they can keep them as they look right. Collections-ballet, (I have lots of ballet books, and a ballerina musical box, also from the boot fair. Sadly I have never been to a ballet or danced as a ballerina, but I find them beautiful.), small things, dolls.
 This basket is about the size of a cereal bowl-well a large cereal bowl. It is such a complicated design. And it has little foil pieces somehow woven into it. 50p! Collection-baskets. I cannot resist an interesting basket.
 This is some kind of shelf bracket. It is Indian-or so it says on its label. I got it in Hastings from an amazing shop. It is like a museum of Asian wonderment. It has dolls, puppets, fabrics, scary masks, and all sorts of other things in a small crowded space. I was just purchasing a particularly interesting hat-woven, decorated with red fabric and lined with newspaper, when I spotted this hanging up quite high. It is the colour that attracted me first, and then I saw the elephant. So, it fits into the elephant collection! This was my most expensive purchase-£8.90.
 The white cottage on the left is the recent purchase. The middle one is from a train set I bought for school, but kept a couple of buildings from, and the other little house is from some really old blocks. The cottage is wooden and painted. It is from a charity shop in Welling. Quite a strange shop but with lots of interesting things. Collections-small things, houses.
 A china poodle clothes brush. Everyone should have one.  Boot fair. 50p. Collection-poodles. I have china, plastic and puppet poodles. I did have a tea cosy but am not sure if I kept that.
 I love little shoes. I have a small collection of these including 5 pairs of size graded clogs. Why?! I don't know! Anyway, these two are recent. The wooden one, about 2" long, is from the boot fair. £1. The basket one, about 5" long,  from Hastings. £3. So well made.
As mentioned in the last post I have been making bracelets. Here they are! They are not purchased but they are a collection.


Amy at love made my home said...

Some great collections, especially your houses and the cottage in particular. xx

andamento said...

Good luck with the supply teaching. That's probably what I'll be doing this time next year so will be interested to hear how you get on. All the best :)