Sunday, 24 August 2014

This Week

The fennel looked good against the blue sky. 
I drove to Hastings with my friend, and we stopped at Hawkhurst briefly. The green there is enormous, and looked picturesque with the houses and sky.
A door in Hastings. Love the colours, and the bat knocker. 
The bottom of the lift up the cliff. 
A crow family who I didn't buy as they were £18! Could always make some if I was desperate. 
A scary 3D medical poster thingammy. 
Seagulls like soft tops. They enjoy leaving presents for the returning owners. These are the babies, though you may not guess it from their size. They make a pathetic mewling sound waiting for their parents to return with fish-or chips.
An approaching storm as we were leaving. 
This is the third of my doll portrait pictures. I decided to paint or draw all my dolls. This should keep me busy! This doll is from the travelling doll project. She is cuddling a teddy that Linda at work gave me. He does have eyes but I have not painted them yet.
Yesterday we saw this ice cream van with spelling mistake. Such a shame when people have paid for professional sign writers and they still do not get it right!
The ingredients for the healthy soup I made. It is sweet potato with whatever else was around. I used ginger powder, coriander powder and chilli. Probably would be nicer with fresh ginger but I didn't have any. It was, and still is, very tasty! I loved all the colours on the plate of chopped vegetables.


snoopydogknits said...

Hi there! The soup sounds yummy; just what you need for wet and windy Bank Holidays!!! Looking forward to seeing your dolls in paint! Rosx

Anonymous said...

The soup looks good - check out the frozen food section in the supermarket ..... I buy frozen garlic, chillies and grated ginger. They are in packages like miniature ice cube trays.