Friday, 14 March 2014


Turquoise trousers, orange van.
Magenta hyacinths, lilac bag, yellow watch. 
Yellow watch, magenta hyacinths. 
Green table, green leaves, pink and purple flowers. (The hyacinths were from the boot fair-unusual colours and three for £1)
Multi coloured marbles. 
White bear, brown table, brown bowl ( made by my Dad), white, green and blue marbles. 
Yellow sun, grey sky. (Hard to limit the sky to just one colour!) 
Neon yellow jacket, orange signs,  red sun, peach sky. 


Linda Sue said...

the burl bowl is really stunning, most appealing- Such treasure! Colour after such a grey winter is a boost to happiness. I can not seem to get enough at the moment. Trying to satisfy my yearning for bright loud colour by limiting it to luggage tags.

Carole Reid said...

Love the colour combinations you photographed. Is the ice-cream truck out already? Does it play music while moving? Have a great weekend, Sarah.

ei said...

Much joy comes from bright colors!

elizabeth said...

Mistake by me above!
Loved the bright colors - such fun!

Lynne said...

Love the cheery colours. I've been trying to put some cheery pictures on my blog, but am still have problems uploading my photos.