Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Doll Tree

A Christmas tree house for lots of dolls. It is the perfect tree for this with lots of places to sit. I chose a big one so that the dolls would fit. It is a Noble fur and smells lovely. It took a lot of Saturday to do but I love the end result. It is such a strange thing really, bringing a tree into your home each year. The cats are most unimpressed, even though I have put Tiger's favourite ornament near the bottom, and some bells. Cassie was slightly interested tonight when her feather toy got caught on a branch.  
 A bit like ornaments, the dolls are all from different times and have memories associated with them. Titania is flying at the top of the doll tree. She was a doll made when I was in ADO-a group of doll artists. She has flown off again now as she was a bit too heavy and looked most undignified from behind. There is a tiny peg doll fairy up there now. She is from last year when I went mad and made about fifty for the craft fair I went to with my Dad.
 Scottish dancing Roldan doll. I love these dolls as they  have such expression and movement. This one is a recent find on ebay. I wanted her as she is Scottish, and I have lots of happy associations with Scotland. 
 A Linda Sue doll with flowers. She looks quite pagan amongst the green. She normally sits on my bookshelves so is happy to be out and about. 
 My Hema bead camels, representative of another short lived fad of mine. 
 This doll is not normally the kind I buy but I liked her face and dress. She is strange in that her face is plastic and her limbs china. She has a pleasingly heavy body. I can't remember where I got her.
 It is terrible but I can't remember the maker of these conjoined dolls. May just go and try to find out! Kerry Kate, October Effigies Dolls. These were bought a long time ago when I first discovered Etsy. The little rosebud doll is a Christmas fairy from previous years. I made her little dress so she can't be that old as it is crocheted.
 One of a bargain box of 6 little wooden Russian dolls from the charity shop a few weeks ago. 
 Little wooden dolls, the top one a present from Linda Sue and the bottom one from the day out with my friend at the wool fair.
 The tester doll for the hat bunting I made recently. 
 Little wooden ebay doll and little cloth and paint doll I made illustrating some bones. I would like to make some more cloth painted dolls as it is exciting to be able to sew something then paint it-and relatively easy compared to embroidering the details. 
 Three beautiful Japanese dolls, again from ebay and very cheap. They remind me of the three little maids from school in the Mikado.


Linda Sue said...

of course that is my most favorite tree! The dolls are having such a celebration and are so pleased to be the main event in that glorious tree! , The Japanese girls are so very lovely! So glad to see your tree up already, by the way, I just found another cat toy in my car- , it escaped under the seat and finally wiggled it's way out into plain sight!

Candace said...

Sarah, how I love this post and its doll. A couple of years ago, I had a tree for every month/season for a year... but nothing quite as extraordinarily fine as this tree here.
It's always a treat coming here to see what you are up to!
Candace, Still in Athens

Candace said...

I meant dolls, of course. :)

Leenie said...

What a great idea to combine an imaginative, international and eclectic collection with a Christmas tree. It was fun to see what you have and learn their stories. Of course the Linda Sue doll is especially fun.

I'm jealous that you have a Noble fur with all it's holiday aroma. Our tree is nice looking but it smells mostly of the attic where it spends the better part of its life.