Wednesday, 11 December 2013

11.12.13 Faces, Fog and Colour

A great date today. Last chance for one like this this century. I think. I may be wrong and am not going to think about it anymore as my brain is fried from work the last two weeks. I may explain more at the end of the week or I may just use this blog as a place to forget about it altogether! 
Anyway, a few photos from the last couple of days.
Face seen yesterday morning in the sky as I left the house. I think it was a plane trail but such an odd one making this profile. 
 The fog this morning lifted for a while, but then came back at lunch time and was even heavier. It made the scenery around the common almost disappear.
 Brusho, chalk and biro face.
 Pigeons in the fog. 
 Black brusho and gold glitter face.
 Cyclist in the fog. 
 Doll faces looking spooky behind a little lit up church.
 My favourite foggy photo today, a pigeon in a bare branched tree. 
 The sun trying to shine.
A colourful and curious sign. I have never seen it before. This is a gas company who are obviously trying to win the public over.
These beads were in a large mixed bead jar. They are such juicy sweet colours. I am going to crochet a necklace with them.


lynne h said...

oh, the brusho and pen face!!


Leenie said...

Foggy photos are always interesting and mysterious. The back-lit dolls do look spooky, especially that grinning clown. I'm excited to see what you do with the luscious beads.

Shell said...

As much as I love sunny day, I do adore a good foggy day. It has a magical quality to them. So much so, I get disappointed when then sun comes back to burn away all the fog.

Clipping Path said...

OwO nice picture collection nice park, especially the bird are so nice i live birds...