Sunday, 28 April 2013

This Week

Monday, early,  grey sky journey. This plane looked huge and impressive gliding through the clouds. 
 Friday inset day at school. The doors to the building site were open. This is the nursery. It looks big doesn't it? Just hope it has enough storage!
 Cryptic construction message. I like the colours. 
 Evening sky that should be filled with choirs of angels.
 Prettily weathered garage doors and meadow like driveway, near my hairdresser's. Had my roots done and fringe trimmed on Friday and had a lovely conversation with the hairdresser and receptionist about craft. It was started because I was crocheting while my hair steeped, and the Receptionist also crochets, makes jewellery and all sorts of other things. The hairdresser was planning to customise some converse shoes with diamanté herself so I want to see these next time I go!
Daffodils are only £1 a bunch in Sainsbury's so I bought five bunches, to be able to realise my vision (sounds a bit pompous!) of a load of flowers in this lovely black speckled enamel pan I found last week. It hasn't got a lid so I thought decorative use rather than cooking. The daffodils are in four smaller vases. They are starting to open today. Looking at the photo I have realised that Tiger's bulk is obscuring the pan! Will put another picture at the end! (I was trying to photograph Tiger rather than the pan)
Football watching with nibbles last night, with Andy's brother and nephew. Newcastle v. Liverpool, who, even without the very bad Suarez managed to win 6-0. Oh dear! Though my nephew is a Liverpool fan so at least one of them was happy! The salt and pepper nuts on the right are delicious, as are those bright green olives.
Whilst we watched the footie, I finished off two of the things I have worked on this week. The first are my latest slippers, and the pair that have worked the best so far. Once I stop doing the tube part for the toe and start the back and forth bit for the arch and heel, I only left a gap of one stitch on the top of the foot. This means that they stay on! These are done in single rather than double crochet (U.S. single and double) which makes them  much closer fabric which I prefer. I just roughly doubled the amount of rows but kept the same amount of stitches around. The pentagon decorations were meant to be flowers but they turned out like this. So now I can make a pentagon! (R1. ch 5, join in ring with slip stitch R 2. ch 3, 10 dc into ring R3. ch 3, dc into first dc, 2 dc into next dc, repeat to end of round. (15 stitches)R4. -*dc into 1st stitch, dc into second stitch, (sc, 2dc, sc into third stitch), repeat from *till end of the round. (Need to learn how to write patterns properly!)
The pink yarn is from our trip to East London a while ago. I just love the colours in this yarn. The blue is some I have had for ages and the slippers used it up nicely.
My star is now finished. I enjoyed sewing the sequins and beads on. She is not really suitable to play with so I am going to hang her up in my classroom I think.

Lily and Cassie enjoying a bit of coldy sunshine this morning. Coldy is a word my class use when we do the weather in the morning. It is an example of that lovely and logical way that children develop their language-sunny, windy, rainy-coldy! Makes perfect sense. I do say, things like 'Oh yes, it is very cold today' as that is my job-but I love those childish 'mistakes' which are not really mistakes at all, just learning in action.

The beginnings of tadpoles. Need to get the ivy out of the pond. Ivy could survive the apocalypse I am sure.
Not the best photo but you can see the pan!


Linda Sue said...

coldy, sunny, cloudy, snowy, all makes sense. Grown-ups are so Know-it-all...Children have the best descriptions. Love the daffies coming out of kitties head- makes a very nice vase!
Your slippers are fabulous! and look incredibly comfortable. LOVE!!!

snoopydog said...

Oh wow! What a great collection of pics! Just loving those slippers and that vat of daffodils. I am of the same mind, that daffodils ned to be sen in large numbers whenever possible. Have a good week! Ros

Leenie said...

Exciting to see the progress of the construction. Yes, seems never enough storage room. Fun flower hat for the Tiger. Comfy slippers and fun new word creations by your students. Like my daughter who decided the opposite of plugging in a cord into the electrical outlet was plugging it out.

Tracy said...

Such a FUN mix this, Sarah! The slippers turned out beautifully! And so did the little star child--VERY sweet! Pretty signs of spring. This past weekend was the first real taste of spring we had. Promptly followed today by return of cold and rain...LOL! ;o) Nice to get an extra kitty "fix" here... And those snacks are making me hungry... I'm glad it's almost lunch break! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Anairam said...

The slippers look comfy and warm - it is turning cold this side of the globe so I put on a thick pair of woollen socks when I get up in the morning - just as good as slippers, I think!
Wow, only one pound for daffodils! Here flowers have become SO expensive, I have stopped buying them and make do with a pot plant or a branch from the garden to brighten up things.