Friday, 21 December 2018

Advent Dolls

21st December 2018 
The first topsy turvy dolls I came across were story telling ones, such as those with a wolf and a Little Red Riding Hood. I find them clever in how they are constructed, and have not ever made one, so don't exactly know how it is done. I have a collection of three graduated size black topsy turvy dolls, with bright cotton dresses and headscarves. I thing they are from the Caribbean. I got them at different times, and they make a nice group. I was trying to find out more about them and came across dolls that are black and white. Then I found information in different places about why they were made originally, which was for use by slave children. There are differing theories about how they were used. I refer you to this interesting article, and this one for some theories. After reading about these dolls, I was lucky enough to find one on eBay for the very reasonable price of £4! She is a Perrotti doll from the 1950s or 60s, and is similar in style to Lenci dolls, probably because  one of the Lenci designers moved to the Brazilian company at some point. 
I love the felt flowers and trim on the dresses, and the faces are so sweet. 

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