Monday, 8 October 2018

End of the Summer Garden

The sunflowers are as beautiful when they are over as they were when they were blooming. In fact I think I like them more as they dry out and curl up. I have saved a few of them and am leaving the rest up for the birds and squirrels. The other morning there was a group of five blue tits flitting around them.
 This is the only one I have brought indoors so far. It stands in front of a mystery portrait from the boot fair-bought for £1.

 I spent about three hours yesterday clearing this side of the garden. I am going to plant the fuchsias from the pots at the back of this border. The large shrub at the back is a forsythia. It had produced lots of long stems which had reached the ground and begun to root under the shed, the fence and the house at the back. I hacked a lot of it off but it is still warm so it should be OK I think.
 There are still a couple of sunflowers in flower. In amongst the tangle of dead stems. 
 The clematis has produced one more flower. I think I should put this in the ground too. 

Below is the beginning of a project using lots of free cardboard from school. A new smart board was installed in one of the classrooms last week and the boxes are massive. I had to cut it in half to fit in my car. Last time I got hold of one of these, we made a large house in the nursery, which the kids spent a few happy weeks drawing all over and hiding in. Can you guess what I am going to make? I shall reveal more next week.


Linda Sue said...

maybe you are making a round tree shelf thing? Whatever it will be it will be splendid! Hard work, cutting card board!
The cats are likely disappointed that they do not have a large cardboard box to live in!

Sarah said...

It is! It is going to be my Christmas tree. I have a post from an old lamp with a really heavy base that I just couldn't throw away. I have finally thought of the perfect use for it.

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