Monday, 6 August 2018

Sunflowers and the Beach

I planted these three months ago. I love them! They are so happy and so big! I had a few dicey moments when it was windy and rainy the other weekend, but bamboo stakes came to the rescue, and they survived. 

 The colours are like food for the eyes. The bees love them. 

The buds have a beautiful structure that reminds me of a Russian church dome. 

We decided to go to Dungeness on Saturday. We left early, had breakfast at a service station, spent time on the beach, had lunch in the cafe and left shortly afterwards,  so we were home in the later afternoon. It was lovely! It is still so hot, and it was great to be on the beach with the breeze.

 I love the view of the roofs over the shingle bank. 

The tide was far out, and the photos I took were with the zoom lens. They have come out quite blurry, with the effect of Impressionist paintings.
 Moth man in the distance. 

 The nuclear power station. I like the red chimneys against the green building.

 Pylons with personality. 


Linda Sue said...

So jealous, I really should have been with you! Your sunflowers are most cheery , everyone loves sunflowers. You might have at least gone into the sea, since you went all that way, You likely would have dried off by the time you walked back to the car. Hellos to Andy, I miss y'all.

crafty cat corner said...

I bought some sunflower seeds this year and put them in the drawer, then forgot to plant them. I must remember next year, especially as the bees like them.

jabblog said...

You have the wonderful and rare gift of seeing beauty everywhere. I try, but rarely get beyond the obvious. I love your sunflowers - ours never seem to come to much, probably too much competition from cats and dogs!

Greg Prosmushkin said...
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