Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bits and Pieces

One of the many bees I am making for a craft fair my Dad is doing. He asked me to make some to enhance some honey pots and dippers that he is making. I have made a mixture of crocheted and felted ones. I know bees dont have little pink mouths but I am going for cute rather than real. 
A few recent drawings. This is a cat toy from memory-I saw it in Palma airport but didn't buy one. 
 A doodle on a shopping list. 
 And one in my journal-the buildings in the background are remembered from Palma. 
 A cover of a book I managed to leave in the shop. I love these type of covers. 
  This doll has a tiny spindle and a waft of wool. 
Below are two pictures made with 'Build-a-Scene' dies. I particularly like these two. I just like using white paper or card to make them as they look great against the light. I used photoshop to enhance the effect. 

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Snoopydog said...

Always love popping in to see your wonderful array of interesting bits and bobs. The little bees will look fab!!! x