Wednesday, 23 August 2017


This pot of sunflower heads is the best breakfast!


crafty cat corner said...

We have a squirrel who comes around but I have to shoo him off, with 5 cats in the house it's not a good garden to visit, although saying that, when we had our 2 old cats the squirrel used to come in the kitchen and sit eating, I think they were too old to bother. lol

Steve Reed said...

That's so funny -- the way he holds that big sunflower head with those little paws. Not funny if you want to save the seeds -- but oh well. Nature takes its course. :)

Snoopydog said...

Oh how sweet! I have a squirrel who empties one of the bird feeders of sunflower seeds, on a pretty regular basis! RosX

roth phallyka said...

I think they were too old to bother. lol