Saturday, 3 June 2017

Under the Sea

Our theme next half term is 'Under the Sea' and I have been busy making a backdrop for the role play area. This area always contains play-dough and cooking stuff etc, but we try to make it match the theme in some ways. Last term it became a castle and this term it will be the ocean. When I sorted out the bedroom a while ago, I moved the wardrobes to clean, and decided to take the backs off of them to make it easier to get behind to hoover without moving them. I kept and washed the corrugated plastic as I thought it might be useful. I only thought I would write the title on there, but in the end have done a whole underwater scene. I painted on the back as I liked the idea of it showing through. As it happens, it looks quite good on both sides. Where it is going the light should shine through. The fish without a face will have a hole cut for the kids to put their faces in. 
 Some other sea things-results of my beach combing on Wednesday. Above shells being washed in the sink. Below, the remains of a chocolate box.
 Little yellow seahorse. He is the only creature I designed myself. The others are from a couple of sea related story books.
 Sea wood. 

 The final result which Andy is kindly holding up.


Linda Sue said...

Absolutely brilliant, The children will be so delighted with what you have created. What a great job! One thing less in the house. Though you may want it back because it is adorable! You could wear it as a rain poncho! If there is anything you would like for me to bring let me know, September!!! Yippee

Snoopydog said...

How wonderful! These children are so lucky to experience such creativeness in their learning! x

roth phallyka said...

If there is anything you would like for me to bring let me know, September!!! Yippee


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