Monday, 2 January 2017

Wreaths and a Turkey

I made  a wreath for the first time this year, as the Dogwood in the garden has grown enough stems to be able to. Today was a lovely day, and we wanted to go to the park for a walk into Greenwich. There was a huge queue though so we drove down into Greenwich to park. When we were going back to the car, we walked around Gloucester Circus. I took photos of the first two doorways we walked past as they are so grand. There was a varied selection of wreaths on a lot of the doors. A couple are from doors on Royal Hill too. My favourite is the red berry one on the red door.


I am back at work tomorrow. As I haven't been posting here much for ages, (Due to no spare time whatsoever, and any that I did have I was making things!) I haven't explained what I am doing at the moment. I was supposed to be staying at the same school for a term, in the likelihood that Ofsted would turn up, and because they hadn't found anyone to replace me by the end of the summer. I was fine with this, up until about the middle of November, when I started to realize that I did not want to leave the children, as I felt that would be letting them down. I have never left a class half way through a year and I was not comfortable doing so, even though it would mean a break from all that work! However, the volume of work has increased yet again this term, and I was spending most evenings working, and at least a day at the weekend, often more. I know this is what teachers do, but I had got to the point where I could not do it any longer. So I asked the head if I could be part time. I will still be responsible for everything, but only spend three days in school, plus half a day paid working at home. Obviously, I cannot get everything done in half a day, but I should be able to in a whole day and it will at least give me the weekend, plus most of Friday. I know it is not ideal to only be in class part of the week, but the staff in the nursery are good and I feel it is better to do this rather than leave altogether. I will see how it works out. 
We have had a lovely last day of the holiday. Visiting Greenwich, buying books, a bit of sorting and tidying, eating up leftovers and watching films. I have stuffed a turkey-a knitted one that is! It is from this book. It has taken a few days to make but I like it! It is terrible at standing up, but you can kind of balance it against something. I got the book for Christmas from the EYFS coordinator at work which was very kind of her. I hadn't seen it before and it is a great book. The animals are funny-full of character!


Jenny Woolf said...

That's a really zingy turkey! Well done on making it - and making it stand up. It's a pity that teachers have to work so hard. I am sure you are doing the right thing in not leaving altogether - it's not like the kind of job where you don't build valuable relationships.

Linda Sue said...

Your solution sounds like a major compromise but pretty great for cash , of course, work too much. Your turkey looks legit! Wonderful! The doors and wreaths look like they would make great calendars and cards! ETSY??? Everyone loved your Christmas knitted balls btw! Very nice indeed!

Snoopydog said...

Loving the 'wreath on the door' shots and the magnificent turkey! Wishing you a happy and peaceful 2017!

Steve Reed said...

Love the turkey! I think it's great that you were able to change your work schedule around. Thank goodness for flexible bosses and inventive employees!

roth phallyka said...

it's not like the kind of job where you don't build valuable relationships.