Thursday, 4 February 2016


I found all of these dolls at the weekend in the charity shop. They are all destined for my Etsy shop, apart from one that has a problem with her face-it seems to have come undone at the side! I am also keeping the tiny one. The little Welsh one below has already been sold-I was looking out for Welsh dolls for a previous customer, so was happy to find her. I love these souvenir costume dolls. They have such  detail. I particularly like the ones with the painted faces. I also like dolls with the open and shut eyes. They are quite scary but cute. I have a whole collection of Scottish dolls like this which stand on the bookshelf and stare across the room. 
 The one on the right below has Napoli on her apron-in very faded writing. They are both quite small-about five inches tall.
 This one has the face problem.
 This one is about two and a half inches high. 
 I love this one as she looks so happy. Her arms do go down, but she was cheering like this when I found her, so she still is.
 This doll and her baby are from Multnomah Falls in Oregon, which is the picture on the screen behind her. It looks lovely, but scary-a really high waterfall with a tiny bridge crossing it about halfway up.
Although she is a bit newer than the others, she still has the attention to detail in the little bead string, and the soft, real suede dress. Love dolls!

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Linda Sue said...

You have the best doll luck! When I was a child I had quite a collection of native dolls, white buckskin, papoose babies, warrior, not mass produced rather painstakingly costumed beautifully. that quality is difficult to find now. Stella and I went out yesterday and she had very good doll luck, bound for ETSY and her booth. Somebody must have died and given their collection to charity. Sad, not sad..