Monday, 30 March 2009

Ridiculously Labour Intensive Coffee Cake

I bought a Woman and Home, Feel Good Food magazine at the weekend, tempted by the delicious pastel cupcakes on the cover and the coffee cake recipe I found when leafing through.

I rushed home from work tonight to make the cake. It involved four separate processes-the mixture, the syrup to pour onto the baked cake, the butter icing and the glace icing. It took me ages! It is very moist and delicious though so it was worth it. I think the syrup is the secret. You are all invited round for a drink and a slice! I often choose this cake in tea shops and then have the dilemma of should I have tea or coffee to accompany it? Hmmm!
The cake in the magazine is below.
We have a school trip tomorrow and Wednesday, going to The Horniman Museum, mainly to see the aquarium. I can now not worry about whether I can get a cup of coffee as I can just have a slice of my cake at lunchtime!


Lynne said...

My favourite cake is coffee cake.  I just love it.  I usually make a Victoria sponge and add Camp coffee to it, the butter icing and the glace icing.  Now that's a thought.  I haven't made it in a while.

Lynne said...

Forgot to say, your's looks delicious!

Lori Saul said...

Hi, I must say your coffee cake looks fantastic. Is that maple icing? I'm afraid I'm too far away to try a slice but I can dream. Lovely to visit your blog again!

Anonymous said...

That cake looks great! If I could I would hop on a plane right now. Oh and I'd have coffee with it! :o)

Femin Susan said...

this cake looks great.Yummy

Shell said...

That looks so good. I could have a big piece of that right now!!

I wanted to tell you I did see the recent version of Jane Eyre. I loved that one as well.

Candace said...

Fantastically done, Sarah, and how I wish I could be there for a taste test! Coffee with cream, please. And if you were here, I am pretty sure we could get you a big helping of cobbler.
I really _do_ wish I could be at the Horniman Museum -- lucky you! -- to see the Aquarium plus the Paper Cuts exhibit AND the Robotics. Fun!
From Your Friend "Over Here".

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Looks scrumptious! And, I must say, your cake looks better than the one in the magazine! :-)

Anairam said...

This cake looks absolutely divine! It definitely sounds like a lot of work though - and that is what I so try to avoid! I love recipes that say "Two Minute Cake" (although it never turns out to take two minutes to make, I only realised much later that it probably refers to the time it takes to demolish the cake ...) Anyhow, thanks for the invitation, I am most certainly coming for a slice - yep, that is me you hear knocking at the door!

Helen McCookerybook said...

I think probably a cup of hot chocolate!
looks like a delicious cake Sarah!

Sarah said...

Hi Everyone! I am amazed and delighted that you all visited and left a comment! Cake is obviously a popular subject!
I tried to find Camp coffee essence but Sainsburies did not have it. I will try your tip next time Lynne.
Hi Lori and thanks for visiting again! No it is coffee icing though I will have to try maple icing-sounds yummy!
Thanks Liz! The kettle is ready and waiting!
Thanks Femin Susan!
Hi Shell,
you can have cake anytime! I liked that adaptation.
Hi Candace-of course, coffee with cream would be served! Cobbler, mmm! THe Museum was great and the kids loved it-even the stuffed animals!
Thanks Anne!
Ha ha Anairam! Come in!
Mmmm I think hot chocolate would go nicely Helen!