Sunday, 1 February 2009

Snowy Evening

At last some proper snow.... Our little Christmas tree getting a snowy dusting.
The cats step out, only to find it is too cold for them. They step in again quickly and go to sleep in front of the fire all evening.
Well it is February.
I persuaded Andy to go for a little walk with me so I could take more snowy shots.

Andy is almost abstract.

This one looks like it has been scratched.
Cold me.
Cold Andy.
I like the blurryness. This is using the night time setting which is more fun than just the ordinary flash. This is our flat-home again!


Anonymous said...

SUCH gorgeous actually make me nostalgic for snow, despite the fact that we've been buried under heaps of it for months now! I just got a new camera and was playing with the nigh time setting last - so fun. Thanks for all the gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

It looks very cold! LOL! Our cats do the same thing. They like to go out and sniff it but then it's back in the house. Stay warm!

Janine said...

Beautiful pics Sarah! Thanks for sharing!


Candace said...

Sarah, what wonderful shots here. I love what you did with these photos, esp the "abstract" and the "Cold" shots.

LOL. Those could be MY cats. Napping in front of the fire sounds good.
Take care and stay warm and dry.
Your Friend

Anairam said...

Those blurry shots are exquisite! Aaaaah, snow!! Would so love to see it ... my internet news says London traffic is disrupted with no buses due to weather conditions!

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!
The snow has stayed. There are no buses running and I have had a day off work! I did do some planning earlier but then I have done some drawing and been for a big walk to take even more photos!

Deirdra Doan said...

All your snow pics are great!!!