Sunday, 23 October 2016

Boot Fair Treasure

Having resisted its lure for months now, I gave in last week and went to the boot fair. I also went this week. There were lots of great things to be found and I found them! As a demonstration of the greatness of the fair, I have included the prices of the things I bought. And the purpose if there is one, if there isn't then it is just that I loved them. 
 Domed lady. Art for one of my dolls houses, if I ever get around to arranging them. 20p.
 Fighting cockerels. Bought after I found the two horses below. £1 the pair. 
 These horses are beautiful. I am not sure if they are brass or copper, but whatever they are they certainly have a lovely coating of verdigris. I googled Chinese flying horse and found out that they are modelled on The Flying Horse of Gansu, a 2000 year old bronze sculpture found in 1969. £5. They are my second favourite thing I found.
 Glass pumpkin. Added to my small Halloween display. It picks up the light and colours around it beautifully. £2.

 Classical bust of a lady. For dolls house purposes. 50p.
 The glass bottle smells like sweet old ladies. It is not from the fair but the charity shop. 50p.
 Another red London bus, bound for Petticoat Lane. A black cab. The Knight Bus from Harry Potter. No purpose. £4 for all three.
 This is my favourite find. I was informed that it is a Morris dancer's hat. Whatever it is I love it! It fits me too. It makes the most beautiful jingling noise. £3.
  A biscuit stamp and a Chinese signature stamp (I think) I plan to actually use the biscuit stamp for its intended purpose and the other one for decoration in journals etc. Can't remember how much they were but it wasn't a lot.
 They are on top of this tin. It is really worn in a delightful way, and has embossed scenes on each side and the top. Not sure if it is London or not. I love it and think it would be able to be used to take rubbings of, though have not tried it yet. £1.

 Old tools. £2.50 for the set square, 50p the screw driver and £1 for the spatula. The screwdriver has a lovely shaped handle which feels great to hold.
 Small brass Welsh woman. 50p.


busybusybeejay said...

my favourite is the box/tin plus the Welsh lady as I live in Wales!!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

The images on the tin box don't look like London to me but I might be wrong. You will look so cool riding on The Tube in that excellent Morris dancer's hat. A true fashion statement.

Steve Reed said...

Wow, those are some finds! The Morris Dancer's hat especially. I still don't really know what Morris Dancing is, and the hat doesn't help me visualize it. :)